Datum objave: 03.07.2015.


Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals

Action Type: Youth mobility


In the end of the month of June 2015, we will implement a seminar that will take place in Split (Kastela), Croatia. The seminar will bring together 26 youth workers/leaders from 13 different countries (Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, Bulgaria, Estonia and Montenegro) plus two facilitators and two support staff members, who will discuss together on the two main topics of this seminar and will try to find ways how to make new bridges of connections. The project, trough it’s preparation, implementation and evaluation (follow up) phases will reach the following objectives:- To check the reality of the living conditions of the people with disabilities (with main focus on autism) in our communities;- To evaluate the previous voluntary and other activities in our communities;- To evaluate the impact and the results from the TC “A.U.T.I.S.M”;- To foster inter-cultural dialogue between people coming from different countries and cultures;- To establish connections with representatives from the local municipality;- To foster exchange of good practices in the field of voluntarism in service of people with disabilities (with main focus on autism);- To promote European awareness and European citizenship, trough the Active citizenship as one of the most important features;- To promote voluntarism as one of the best tools for achievement of Active citizenship and Social inclusion among our youngsters;- To develop ideas for new innovative and creative approaches of work in the fields of voluntarism and people with disabilities (with main focus on autism) and develop new bridges of connection between the fields;- To develop tool kit from this seminar, which will include the innovative and creative approaches for work in the fields of voluntarism and people with disabilities (with main focus on autism) for further dissemination and exploitation of the project’s results;The organizations that will be partners and directly contribute to the value and success of this project are organizations with whom we have previously cooperated on various levels. The partners from Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Poland, are organizations that are active in the same field as the hosting organization from Croatia is: disability and autism. The other partners coming Portugal and Bulgaria are organizations very much active in the field of social inclusion, while the partners from Macedonia, Turkey, Romania, Italy and Czech Republic are organizations that have long term experience of working in the field of voluntarism and youth. The process of the implementation of the project will be in the hands of the hosting team, which will be consisted of two facilitators (one from Croatia and one from Macedonia) and three support staff members (two from Croatia and one from Macedonia). The seminar will be implemented next spring, from 22nd till 30th of June 2015, in Split (Kastela), Croatia.

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